Our Method

As Movement and Performance experts we focus on the process instead of the result. By creating customized programs that focus on habits, sustanablity and your needs, we’re able to accomplish and maintain your goals for longterm success. 

– Movement Screening –

– Recovery Analysis –

– Nutrition Evaluation –

– Support & Reinforcement –



– Private Training –

One on One experience for maximum results.

– Small Group Training –

Maximum of 6 people per class.

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Integrating private training with group training to ensure the highest quality

Virtual Coaching

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Fix My Pain

– Rehabilitation –

Overcome your limitations with advance neuromuscular programing.

– Private Stretching –

Manually have your muscles lengthen through passive and active lengthening techniques.

– Private Massage –

Receive manual neuromuscular relaxation techniques to relax and calm your nervous system.


It’s time for you to be Pain Free

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Smart Fitness as saved my life. I now feel better and can do whatever I want!


People here are very friendly, great fitness instructors.
Hidden gem in Coral Springs.
If you are looking for advances and truly personalized coaching, look no more!


If you are looking to improve performance and reach personal fitness goals, this is your place! The trainers are amazing, they addressed all the questions I had, made great recommendations, built a personalized fitness plan to meet my needs, and encouraged me to expand beyond my initial fitness aspirations. This place is highly recommended for beginners or experienced athletes!!!




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