Meet The Coaches


Anthony Baldocchi

Health and Fitness Coach

As a 7-year fitness coach to a large variety of clients, Anthony has the ability to simplify the process of becoming a healthier you. Being certified as National Academy of Sports Medicine trainer, Anthony uses corrective exercise and high-quality resistance training programming to help clients achieve goals. Anthony also has a background in Mixed Martial Arts and teaches classes and privates for those wanting to learn how to defend themselves and develop self-confidence. As a teacher and student of health and fitness, Anthony is always teaching and learning the best and most effective methods to living a healthy life.




Health and Fitness Coach

Prior USAF paramedic with a passion for fitness and health. Currently holds a Bachelors in Exercise Science and perusing his Masters in Health Science and Wellness Promotion. Chris loves training and helping people achieve their goal. After serving in the military for 11 years, Chris was able to see first hand the benefits of exercise both physically and mentally. If you’re looking to gain strength, improve athletic performance or improve body composition, Chris is more then happy to help.